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My website use cookies and if you are continuing to use my website you agree that my website uses cookies.

Due to EU regulations and Danish law I have to disclose the use of cookies.

What is a cookie

A small text file sent from a website and stored on a website user’s browser is called a cookie. Cookies can be temporary or permanent.

A file placed on the user’s browser and erased as the browser is closed is called a temporary cookie or a session cookie. A file placed on the user’s browser and stored permanently is called a permanent cookie or a persistent cookie.

It is possible to delete a cookie but if it is a permanent cookie the cookie will retrieve if the website visitor enters the website again.

Google has made a website about How Google uses cookies, Types of cookie used by Google and Managing cookies in your browser. The website gives insight into what a cookie is. Link to the site is

How to control cookies

Most known browsers have features that give the users possibility to delete all cookies, block all cookies and allow all cookies.

Cookies on my website placed by

My site is provided by They have two cookies they place in your browser when you enter my website. One is placed and hosted by The purpose of the cookie is to provide their users with information about the amount of traffic to their website. The second cookie is placed by, but hosted by The purpose of the cookie is to track aggregate visitor information across Yola hosted sites.

The cookies are placed by and are controlled by If you need further information please contact support on Link to support on is 

Cookies on my website by clicking on links and banners etc. (third party cookies)

The website content and the template chosen are created by investing in my own time. I have never been paid to make website content. There may be links and banners etc. in the website content that could pay me a commission if a visitor click on the link and sign up for the service the link represent.

A cookie will be placed in your browser if you click on one of these links and banners etc. The cookie will be stored in your browser for a time period. The purpose is to identify the ID in the link. The ID is used to identify that a website visitor is referred through my website.

How the websites the link represents use cookies on their website is out of my control. Please read their private policy and use of cookies policy on their websites. Usually the private policy and cookie rules can be found at the bottom or at the top of these websites.

Links and banners etc. without my ID in the URL address

On my website are links without my ID in the URL. It is out of my control if the websites the link send the visitors to are using cookies. Please read their use of cookies policy on their website in their private policy or use of cookies policy.

Social media share and like buttons

On my website is it possible to use share and like buttons; the share and like buttons are from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and if you share or like through Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on my website you have to login to your account first. Since this is the case you have through your account at Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accepted their cookie rules.

For further information about the cookie rules at Twitter, Facebook and Google+ read their cookie policy.

If a link to a social media website should be placed on my website I will recommend that your read the cookie policy on the social media website the link is referring to as it is out of my control how these social media websites use cookies.

Youtube videoes

I have videos from embedded on my website. If you watch one of the videos a cookie will be placed on your browser. More information about embedded videos from is on these links and

Contact formula

On my website is a contact formula where website visitors have the possibility to contact me through the formula. The contact formula purpose is contact about my website. Information send through the contact formula will be used to answer the question in the formula.

The website is provided by and the contact formula is one of their services I can place on my website. How they use the contact information you send to me through the contact formula is out of my control. Please read private policy to see how they use the information in the contact formula. Link to private policy is; if you need more information please contact support on The link is contact.   


If you as a website visitor on my website have question to my website or if the link in this document shouldn't work please contact me through the contact formula.

Accepted use of cookies

By using my website you have accepted use of cookies. 

I hold the right to change my use of cookie rules on this website at any time.